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The Heil line of oil furnaces lets you take advantage of new technology to cut your energy costs. Most older oil furnaces have efficiency ratings as low as 60% to 70% AFUE. That means for every dollar you spend on heating, 30 to 40 cents of it disappears right up the chimney! In contrast, high-efficiency Heil oil furnaces feature over 83% AFUE. That makes it possible for you to increase your home’s heating efficiency and your energy savings.

  • Fan Control Switch – Provides option for continuous fan operation and optimum comfort all year long.
  • Control Panel – Permits easy technician access to accessory terminals; prewired for easy add-on of electric air cleaner, central humidifier and air conditioner.
  • Large, External Front Clean-Out – Provides for easy unit cleaning and maintenance.
  • High-Efficiency Burners – Provide optimum efficiency and performance when matched to furnace installation. Your dealer can specify which burner best suits your needs.
  • Factory-Installed Test Ports/Sight Glass – Allow ample access for set-up and service.
  • Multispeed Direct Drive Blower Motor – Balanced to ensure quiet, efficient air circulation; permanently lubricated to provide optimum service year after year.
  • Heavy-Duty Insulated Steel Cabinet – Ensures quiet operation.
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger – Provides reliable operation year after year; backed by a lifetime limited warranty.
  • Ceramic Combustion Chamber – Has unique, patented, “self-aligning” design that withstands temperatures up to 2,600°F.
MODELConfigurationInput MBtuHOutput MBtuHAFUECFMDimensions HxWxDFiring Rate GPHWeight Lbs.
OLR105A12D 70.0 59.2 80.3 940.0 32x21x41 0.50 200
OLF105A12C 70.0 59.2 80.3 882.0 32x21x41 0.50 200
OLR160B20C 119.0 99.0 80.3 1148.0 40x25x49 0.75 235

Warranty Information

  • All Parts for 120 months -
  • Heat Exchanger - Limited Lifetime

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