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Natural Gas Furnaces

There are two basic models - mid and high efficiency. Built differently each has options that dramatically affect your heating bill. A typical 10+ year old furnace has an operating efficiency of 50%. This means 50% of the fuel consumed escapes up your chimney in either incomplete combustion or hot fumes.

A high-efficiency furnace has an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of 90% to 97%. Meaning a furnace will convert up to 97% of the combusted natural gas to usable energy, with the remaining few per cent exhausted outside.

High Efficiency

A high efficient boiler is also called a condensing boiler. They are called this because they condense the water vapour in the flue gases to capture the latent heat of vaporization of the water produced during combustion.

Forced Air Furnace/ Electric Furnace

A forced air electric furnace uses banks of resistance heater elements to warm the air as it passes over the heating elements. Electric furnaces may come equipped with a DC or AC motor. Typically the electrical panel will need to be upgraded to 200amp service when a home is converted from gas to electric heat.


There are a number of electric boilers on the market. Typically a home with an electric boiler will have at least 200 amp service.

Radiant Floor

Radiant floor heat can be hydronic (either electric or gas to heat the water) or an electric mat. These systems are, typically put into kitchens, bathrooms and garages. They can be very efficiently, this is why they are used in garage heating applications.

Tip Top Wally Condition - Furnace Maintenance

All gas furnace manufacturers recommend or require an annual service inspection to keep your furnace well maintained and operating efficiently, saving you money. You know that your car runs better with regular oil changes and maintenance, the same goes for your furnace. Keep your warranty valid, your home safe and your heating costs in check with an Annual Service check from Wally.

Furnace Maintenance Program

Sensibly Safe - Furnace Efficiency Test

The Wally Furnace Efficiency Test accurately tells you how efficient your furnace is actually working. Our trained technicians use a state of the art combustion analyzer to do a complete analysis of your furnace and give you the straight goods on your furnace's efficiency and safety. Plus, our instrumentation accurately lists the moisture, CO and NO that may be present in any part of your system. A more efficient furnace operation can save you thousands of dollars in operating costs.


Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Residential Loans up to $5,000 for a Furnace and $7,500 for a Boiler up to 15 years are available to Manitoba Hydro customers who want to undertake comfort and energy improvements to their home.

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